Lenton democracy page
There are other pages to be added about local politics in and around Lenton from both a present-day and historical perspective.

Because the 2nd round of Boundary Commission consultations come to an end on 3 April I have concentrated on posting related information.
Under the new formula, all MPs (with a few already agreed exceptions) will have to have between 72,810 and 80,473 voters, which is 5% either side of 76,641 (the average votes per MP under the new formula).
At first glance it looks quite easy, you take the constituencies with the most votes and you pinch as many as you need from one of the neighbouring Nottingham city constituencies which is what the Boundary Commission tried to do.
Proposal for new parliamentary constituencies in Nottingham starts a dogfight
The trouble is it’s not that simple. This is why the Commission have ended up putting Gotham with Broxtowe and half of Rushcliffe with part of Leicestershire. Below my mini-maps take you to maps with lists of the wards involved. I am proposing a ‘community solution’ based on where buses go and letters to the Nottingham Post. If you do this, you get ‘radial’ constituencies created around ‘social corridors’.
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This map shows how the Boundary Commission want to put Lenton in with West Bridgford.
This map shows my alternative proposal to put Lenton with Beeston. You can see maps showing all the proposed alternatives from the three main political parties on the National Boundaries Blog Nottingham Link.