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What's where in Lenton guide
1. Radford Recreation Ground.
2. Radford and Lenton Library.
3. Open space.
4. Thomas Helwys Baptist Ch.
5. Church Square. Home to:
Dunkirk & Lenton Forum,
Crocus Café,
and the Crocus Gallery.
6. The Lenton Centre.
7. Lenton Recreation Ground.
8. Sherwin Rd Community Gdn.
9. Lenton War Memorial.
10. Month Hinds Youth Centre.
11. Priory Pocket Park.
12. Dunkirk & Old Lenton
Community Centre.
13. Dunkirk 'Spider' Park.
14. Lakeside Arts Centre and
Highfields Park.
15. Edna G Old (Primary) School.
16. Dunkirk Primary School
and SureStart Centre.
17. Derby Road Health Centre.