why notts will soon have fewer MPs


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The Coalition  has decided to cut the number of MPs in Parliament to 500 — which means there will be fewer MPs in Nottinghamshire.

The number of voters per constituency (except in a few cases already determined) will have to be within the range 72,810 – 80,473.  This is 5% either side of 76,641, which equals the average.

The Boundary Commission’s figures are based on 193,221 voters in Nottingham, which is equal to just 2.52 MPs under the new system. In other words at least one part of the city will have to share an MP with voters in one of the surrounding local authority areas (ie. Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling or Rushcliffe).

Another constraint is that the new constituencies have to be created from existing local authority wards as per the number of voters the Commission have given each ward.

It will not be easy to create new constituencies for greater Nottingham which please everyone.