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Robert Howard.
These are the six MPs who cover the area which might be fairly described as ‘Greater Nottingham’ if you exclude Hucknall. Under the Coalition’s proposals to reduce the number of MPs, from 650 to 500, Greater Nottingham will lose a parliamentary constituency and those which remain will have to have their boundaries changed in some way. The Boundary Commission for England have made some ‘initial proposals’ on how this might be achieved. They have now published the responses they received and have asked for further comments by mid-day 3 April 2012. Click here to find out more…
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Lenton is changing. It always is. I took this pic from Prospect Place looking north towards the Lenton Flats and the Derby Road in 2010. At the time, some factories were being demolished. The site now stands empty and Flats are in the process of being 'decommissioned', to be replaced by new housing.
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Lilian Greenwood,
Nottingham South.
Anna Soubrey,
Vernon Coaker,
Ken Clarke,
Graham Allen,
Nottingham North.
Chris Leslie,
Nottingham East.
Western Club co-op housing opportunity
The Western Club site (between the River Leen and Arnesby Road) is owned by the Co-operative Group and began life many years ago as the old Greater Nottingham Co-op Society Social Club. The Co-op now want outline planning permission for housing, which has some local support, but some of us want to create a co-op housing scheme on the land. The City Council will make its decision on 21 March 2012. We will keep you posted.
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